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Tattoo Removal – The Time Is Now

Society loves tattoos, especially if they know they’re not permanent. Tattoos make a statement. You’re letting people know what you like or what you believe in.

WebMD recently reported that nearly 30% of people in the United States have at least one tattoo. Think about that. About one out of every three people have a tattoo. And, if you’re younger, the numbers are higher. Almost half of all millennials have a tattoo.

But, with tattoos, comes Tattoo Removal. Sadly, there are misconceptions about tattoo removal.

A recent study by Wakefield Research found that more than four in five adults with (86%) and without (82%) tattoos have misconceptions. Those misconceptions include confusion regarding side effects, cost and removability.

Yes, tattoo removal takes time and cost must be factored in.

It takes an average of seven to 10 sessions to fully remove a tattoo. That’s an average, though, as new innovations can help speed up the process. New innovations include the DeScribe® PFD Patch, which Original You offers.

“The progress we’ve made to help people remove unwanted tattoos is extensive,” said Jeremy A. Brauer, M.D., lead author of a study presented at the American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery annual meeting in April.

So, clearly, the time for tattoo removal is now.
When you brand yourself, it stays with you. People mature, change or think differently about their tattoos over time.

As many as 25% of people with a tattoo said they regret getting it, WebMD also reported. That number was at 14% in 2012, so it’s rising each year.

Celebrities aren’t avoiding tattoo removal either.
Take Cameron Douglas, for example. The 39-year-old son of actor Michael Douglas wants to pursue an acting career but is loaded with body art. He’s taking the initiative to eliminate some of his tattoos.

It’s a no-brainer to get rid of that misspelled phrase (like the guy above who has “no regrets”) or to nuke the name of that ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend. That tattoo could be an obstacle to employment, or to a better job.

Times also have changed. You might have a new life now with a family and different friends.

Original You can remove your tattoo or help you redo/repair your tattoo. It doesn’t matter what the size, ink, color or skin type of the tattoo is. There are pain-free options, too. Contact Original You and schedule a consultation today!

So, who says a tattoo is forever?