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Why Laser Hair Removal Over Waxing?

Man with hairless chest after laser hair removal
Laser Hair Removal Helps Eliminate the Long Term Expense of Shaving or Waxing

A Few General Benefits to Laser Hair Removal

Original You’s Advanced laser hair removal is less painful than waxing, especially in more sensitive areas.

No ingrown hairs!

It’s s pretty fast too, a lip takes less than a minute to fully treat. Lower legs typically take about 20-30 minutes. That’s it then we see you again in about 6 weeks, and perform the treatment again.

Because the laser targets the hair at the root, with every treatment, you will start to notice your hairs growing back thinner and thinner until they are gone or no longer noticeable.

Woman's smooth legs after laser hair removal

Isn’t Laser Really Expensive?

Let’s do some math and compare costs in the long run…

  • $1,490 (if paid up front for 1 year of Laser Hair Removal for 3 areas)
  • $1,788 (if paid monthly for 1 year at $149 per month for 3 areas) ($149×12)

Vs Waxing…

  • $100 (every 6 weeks for upper and lower legs and lip)
  • 8 treatments per year equals $800 every year! ($100×8))
  • 3 years worth of waxing 3 areas equal $2,400 ($800×3)


  • $612 ($2,400 – $1,490 = $612) In the 3 area example above, laser hair removal saves you up to $612 over a 3 year period.
  • Now, imagine those savings if you were to project out 5, 10 or more years without waxing…think about all the dermalinfusions you could get with those extra dollars!

From the simple math above Original You’s Advanced Laser Hair Removal saves you up to $612 compared to waxing for 3 years (most people are happy with our results at around the 5th or 6th treatment, which would allow you to change the areas being treated, saving you more time and money). Will you need future laser treatments? Probably, but just touch-ups once a year or so (many people will go 2 or 3 years without getting touch-ups, every person is different). Even with these touch-ups, laser hair removal is still more cost effective, fast, and less painful than waxing in the long term. And outside of shaving before your treatments, you won’t be needing to purchase razors anymore either.

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