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Laser Tattoo Removal – Why Seeing a Medical Professional is Important….

We’ve all been there, we’ve all made a decision or done something that was great for a time but later wished we had not.  This is where tattoo removal comes in for some of us, whether it was a poor decision one night 20 years ago, a divorce, career change or you just want some new art that represents who you are today.

And when it comes to laser tattoo removal in Las Vegas, there seems to be a lot of choices around. There’s also a lot that goes into deciding where you should go to get your tattoo removal, this post is going to focus on one of those factors and why we feel it is so important.




Using a laser is dangerous, there’s a reason why there is a sign required to be on the door to the treatment room, literally warning anyone walking by it that a laser is in use and to not enter the room without permission. Not kidding here, it is actually required because you can get seriously injured or lose your vision from entering a room while a laser is being fired without taking appropriate precautions, like eyewear (each laser wavelength requires different filtered lenses to protect your eyes). It also puts the patient being treated and the person firing the laser at risk.

It goes without saying a medical professional undergoes a significant amount of education and training to understand various functions to human health and well-being. This education, training and continuing education translates into the medical professional being able to provide the safety needed to remove your tattoo and reduce your risk of scarring.

A medical professional is going to examine your skin prior to lasering a tattoo at each treatment, even if you don’t realize it. Ie: They’re not going to treat you if they think they’re going to cause more damage to your skin.



Minimize Complications and Risks


This ties in with point 1, but it bears repeating and further explanation. With any laser based treatment (not just tattoo removal) there are risks and possibilities for complications. You need to know those upfront before you commit the tattoo removal process (yes, your tattoo will probably need more than one treatment). At Original You, we take the time to explain those possibilities and let you know what we do and what you can do to minimize those risks (what you do for aftercare is just as important as what happens during your treatment).

A medical professional is likely (this is where that additional education and training comes into play) to recognize a potential complication/risk sooner than a non-medical professional. During your treatment your provider should be looking at your skin’s reaction to laser and adjusting settings as appropriate.

The type of laser also makes a huge difference in tattoo removal. A medical professional is also likely to have a significant understanding of how different laser wavelengths, energy settings, spot size, pulse duration are going to interact with the tattoo being removed but also your skin.


Local Anesthetic!


We don’t hide the fact that tattoo removal hurts. From the feedback we’ve received it’s anywhere from the same as getting a tattoo to being snapped with a rubber band repeatedly (most common reaction) to a grease burn. Medical professionals can do something no one else can! They can inject local anesthetic and numb the area being treated, so you don’t feel the laser! This is how Original You is able to offer a pain free laser tattoo removal treatment. It isn’t a secret, but we’re one of the few tattoo removal places in Vegas able to offer it because we only have medical professionals providing tattoo removal.