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What’s So Great About a PFD Patch for Tattoo Removal?

The DESCRIBE PFD Patch is revolutionizing the science of laser tattoo removal. You can learn more about Original You’s lasers here.

The Basics

What’s PFD?

PFD stands for Perfluorodecalin. PFD has been used for over a decade to help prevent what is commonly called “frosting” in a treatment protocol called “R20.” Frosting in basically what happens to a tattoo during laser tattoo removal. Once clinical frosting occurs the treatment session is complete and you have to go back in 6 weeks or so for your next treatment. In a typical R20 protocol, the tattoo is treated with the laser, then PFD is applied, then you hang out for 20-30 minutes, then your tattoo is treated again that same day, repeat this process for a couple of hours or so. Who wants to spend a day getting laser tattoo removal? I know I don’t.

And this DESCRIBE Patch thing is so Much Better? 

It is, to the extent that it was named “Most Innovative Laser Tattoo Removal Product of 2016” by Patient’s Guide. The Describe Patch is a silicone patch that is infused with PFD. How they do it, I don’t know. And to be honest, I don’t really care to know ‘how a silicone patch is made’, I mean, if it was on Science Channel’s “How It’s Made…” yeah, I’d watch it and be amazed. But seriously, then I’d be asking how they got the silicone to absorb the PFD, as long as it means less treatments, do most people really care? And reduce the number of treatments, it does…the DESCRIBE PFD Patch with PFD allows for up to 4+ passes of the laser during laser tattoo removal! Which means even faster ink clearance! Which translates to less treatments!  People even say it reduces pain…

Wait! Did you just say this magic PDF…I mean PFD Patch thing reduces pain during tattoo removal??

Yeah, I did. It works by adding an additional layer for the laser light to pass through while diffusing the laser beam enough to block some energy while allowing maximum wavelength for removal through. This reduces discomfort (keep in mind, that Original You also offers a pain-free tattoo removal option). According to the feedback by our patients and verified by a study presented at the 35th Annual Meeting of the American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery, the DESCRIBE Patch alone reduces discomfort, redness & swelling after treatment!

Seriously…though…this PDF, PFD Patch thing allows for MY tattoo to be treated multiple times in one session, reduces discomfort & decreases my recovery side-effects and recovery-time?

From our patient feedback and experience, yes, it really does.  I believe it is like getting roughly 1.75-2.5 treatments per session, and the silicone patch adds some comfort to the treatment. Our patients that have used the Patch, report a higher level of comfort and receive even less treatments than our low number of treatment sessions compared to older q-switched technology (which is common in Las Vegas). It’s not as good as if they had reinvented sliced bread or something, but I think it’s close.

Give Original You a call or contact to find out more during YOUR free consultation. Yeah, I said free, because Original You is that confident they remove tattoos.

Back the phone up…side effects to this magical silicone thing?

The DESCRIBE PFD Patch doesn’t seem to cause any side effects not already present in laser tattoo removal. Based on Original You’s patient feedback, it seems to even lower them, while reducing the number of treatments needed for tattoo removal. From patient feedback, reducing pain during the tattoo removal process alone is worth it.

Are you disappointed this patch thing seems to decrease the number of treatments?

Not really, while it’s great to make money. It’s a lot better to hear and see tattoo removal in fewer treatments than the “experts” thought possible. We enjoy it when we think a stubborn tattoo might take 9 or 10 treatments and it takes 5-7 with the DESCRIBE PFD Patch involved in treatment. Why? Because Original You exists to exists to help people. Founded by physicians and exemplified by our team of healthcare professionals we are here to help people. If you want your tattoo removed…You really need a healthcare professional and I’ve seen it first hand that the DESCRIBE PFD Patch reduces the number of laser tattoo removal treatments.